Music Video : Fencer “シーサイドタウン feat. G.RINA”


Director : フジモトカイ(
Artwork : WRECKS(

Fencer 1st album 「Rip Current」

2012.05.02 on iTunes / 2012.06.06 CD in stores

01. baby Girl feat. eli (ex.Love Tambourines)
02. Get Back In Love feat. AKiLA&SALA (SingerSongSurfers)
03. Angel
04. Freedom Sunset feat. COMA-CHI
05. シーサイドタウン feat. G.RINA
06. Vision feat. BASI(韻シスト)
07. Humming Boat feat. Azumi (Wyolica)
08. Eboshi Beats
09. No Way feat. eli (ex.Love Tambourines)
10. 忘れられない色 feat. GEBO
11. Stardust



They sprout absurd mottos of laziness with a dose of idiotic fervor and punk zest thru confused images and spiritless letters which come from tepid doodles.

Nao Harada :


A Tokyo-based-psuedo-hermit, a hater of the secret WRECKS crew. He grew up with crazy funny Manga and movies. He piles up illustrations with a negative and lazy indie-spirit combined with a design sense forged from years in Tokyo hell.

contact » info[at]wrecks[dot]jp